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One team for all abilities

We are committed to providing an inclusive environment regardless of experience. The club is made up of individuals from all walks of life, and ages, sharing a passion for the sport. All we want is for people to arrive with a smile and to leave with an even bigger one.

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Established in 1997

St Neots Dragon Boat Team formed over 25 years ago when a group of friends and colleagues from WR Grace got together and entered a local charity event. The rest is history! Some pivotal members are celebrated in our “Hall of fame”.

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Member of the national league

We are members of the British Dragon Boat Association (BDA) and actively compete in races all over the country. Several members of the team have represented Great Britain at international events.

See us in action

See us in action

Hall of fame

Celebrating the extraordinary people who have left their mark on our club through their dedication, leadership and boundless passion. We continue to be inspired by you! Thank you for everything you’ve done.

Mick Clarke, the revered founding member of the St Neots Dragon Boat Team, has rightfully earned a place in the Hall of Fame for his unwavering dedication and invaluable service to the club.

Mick’s continued efforts and commitment to the team have been a driving force behind its success over the years. His tireless contributions, leadership, and passion for the sport have been instrumental in fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among its members.

Mick Clarke’s enduring legacy as the founding member continues to inspire and guide the St Neots Dragon Boat Team towards new heights of achievement.

Michael Clarke

April 2024

Allan Roat, a distinguished member of the St Neots Dragon Boat Team, has been honored with a place in the Hall of Fame for his pivotal role in the team’s inception.

Allan’s exceptional leadership and vision were instrumental in bringing together the founding members of the team. His dedication to providing initial training, access to equipment, and boats, laid the groundwork for the establishment of the St Neots Dragon Boat Team.

Without Allan’s guidance and support, the team’s remarkable journey and success would not have been possible, making him a revered figure whose legacy continues to inspire.

Allan Roat

April 2024

Derek Warburton, a pivotal member of the St Neots Dragon Boat Team, has been inducted into the Hall of Fame for his instrumental contributions to the club’s early successes.

His dedicated service and leadership played a vital role in shaping the team’s achievements, setting a strong foundation for future triumphs.

Derek’s passion and commitment to the sport have left a lasting impact on the club’s legacy, making him a revered figure in the SNDBT community.

Derek Warburton

April 2024